My Work Day Morning Routine

Most people have a morning routine, here’s mine. Lets jump right into it… 5:15 AM My alarm goes off (ugh) I sit in bed until the latest 5:20. When I get up I immediately get up put my spin clothes on which is a pair of Athleta leggings, my worst sports bra and a pairContinue reading “My Work Day Morning Routine”

Lets Talk Meditation

I’ve been meditating for about a month now and I have to say it has helped me immensely. Worrying takes up a lot of my thoughts and anxiety is a big part of my life (although I wish it wasn’t). I decided to meditate when I noticed that every night I would get super anxiousContinue reading “Lets Talk Meditation”

Welcome to my blog!

Hi Everyone! Thanks for tuning into my blog, I’m so happy to have you here! My name is Carly and I have a passion for health, food and fitness. My Instagram name is @eatsbycarly. I intend for this space to be somewhere you can get to know me better and where I can share moreContinue reading “Welcome to my blog!”